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Posted: March 9, 2012 in Fun, Memories, Travel
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First and foremost, this is a place everyone should visit at least once in their life. I’m not a tour guide by the way! I have an interest in history and photography. This place oozes history and has countless photo opportunities, not to mention the wonderful hospitality of the Czech people, oh and their excellent beer.

Great place to eat is Amos at masna 17, Their steaks are awesome and the prices are outstanding. Simple but effective. We went twice.

Bar and books at Tynska 105319, This place is out of this world, if you are after a little more upper class then this is definitely the place to be. Very professional staff (they take your coat). They don’t have draft beer, which is hardly surprising as draft beer is for common people, I love draft beer and was quite disappointed by this.

Prague State Theatre this is a stunning Baroque building both inside and out, I was really sceptical about going to an Opera, only the week before I was throwing some shapes at a Dutch electro techno concert. We went to the German operetta ‘Die Fledermaus‘. Dont sit directly in front of the stage and not too high otherwise your view of the subtitles will be obscured by the impressive enormous chandelier which hangs pretty low.

Havelska market we stayed on Havelska, the market is bustling with both tourists and locals alike. Weather you be looking for souvenirs or your daily dose of fruit veg, you will not be disappointed here. One word of warning, check your change.

Havelska Koruna This is a very good cheap lunch option, it has a very traditional feel. You get a ticket from the ‘receptionist’ and stand in line. I loved it!

Cajovy Kramek on Narodni is a must visit for the tea lovers, they have over 300 different flavours of loose leaf tea. The smell is out of this world, the staff are very welcoming.

Also worth a visit is Café Louvre also on Narodni, this is a magnificent building with bags of character and history. Albert Einstein used to frequent when he lived in Prague.

There is an abundance of nightlife in the centre of Prague, we went to Chapeau Rouge which is situated on Jakubska in Prague 1. There are 3 floors each with a really nice atmosphere.

We got a great deal with Prague Airport Transfers which includes a free 4 hour city tour, This can be split over 2 days if you wish. The guides were very knowledgable and funny, they led us to the Municipal library where this awesome art piece resides.

James Dean bar on V Kolkovně 1 has the American diner atmosphere with the waitresses strutting around in their aprons clutching their note pads. One thing I must compliment them on though is their choice of decoration in the mens toilets. (I don’t make a habit of taking photos in the mens restrooms but this is awesome).

All in all a rather short list of attractions I found in the wonderful city of Prague, we will definitely be back here. I cannot wait to return!