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My wife and i travelled to Turkey in August 2010. We spent 2 weeks in Alanya, this was our second holiday in Turkey.

The weather was….. lets just say quite the opposite of the weather in Scotland.

This picture was taken from the top of the Red Tower just off the harbour.

This was the view from our top floor balcony, It was small but cosy! It was just a shame the wall was so high, we could only see over the edge when standing. Still, we spent a lot of time here. Beautiful!

The street outside the hotel is dominated by a relatively small (by Turkish standards) Mosque. Where visiting during the Ramadan period. The Imam starts praying through the tanoy at the break of dawn which was about 05:30 for what seems to be a lifetime, but is actually 6 mins. I counted! They continue to do this at what appears to be random times during the day. I actually began to enjoy it.

Get your knock off designer goods at a great price, they will even model them for you if you ask.

We snapped this picture just as the moon appeared over the mountain and shined his light over the beach, We have named this photo “moonshine”.

I just had to take a picture of this mannequin, Finally a model with a proper body.

We came across this communal picture frame, What a wonderful idea!

A view from the castle towards kleopatra beach

Panoramic view from the castle