The best wedding gift

Posted: October 14, 2011 in Memories, Travel
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We received a very special wedding gift from some friends, A trip in a hot air balloon powered by Greetzz.  From the moment we arrived at the take of spot there was an overwhelming sense of excitement and nervousness. Neither of us had ever set foot in a balloon before this day.

I always imagined the baskets to be really small, This one comfortably accommodated 12 adults.

Whilst we waited for our balloon to inflate we came across a toilet in the middle of the field…..? Well apparently this is common in Dutch villages, Boeren Golf or (farmers golf). As golf clubs they use clogs attached to broom sticks and the toilets are the holes. Unfortunately there were no golfing farmers in sight.



It was finally time to inflate the balloon, First with cold air from the gas powered fan, then with the propane burners.

Eventually we were up up and away, It’s such a smooth and relaxing take off, Almost effortless. The sensation of floating a few hundred meters above ground is just fantastic.

  1. That really is a great gift. I’m envious of the experience.

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